Agreements & Policy


Employment Agreements & Policy

AgriPeople Employment Agreements are tailored to individual client needs, creating security around the unique terms of an Agribusiness employment relationships, while also meeting the minimum legislative requirements. AgriPeople will advise clients on what Employment Agreement is most suited to their employment situation and which clauses must be included as well as which are preferable.

Human Resource Policies gives Employers and Employees information around the decisions and actions they must take every working day. They allow the business to be prepared on how to respond when something unexpected happens or an employee makes a special request, or a problem arises. Effective policies offer certainty and consistency and can be helpful where disputes occur in the face of Mediation or Employment Court. HR policies can also extended employee's terms and conditions of employment. Contact us for a full range of Policies which may be needed for your rural business.

Employment Agreements

  • Individual Permanent Agreements
  • Individual Fixed Term Agreements
  • Individual Casual Agreements
  • AgriPeople also creates and supplies Contractor Agreements (Contract Milking, Sharemilking)

Examples of HR Policies

  • Abandonment of employment 
  • Advances of salary or wages
  • Alcohol and drugs testing
  • Alternative holidays
  • Bullying at work
  • Cell phones
  • Code of ethics
  • Employee relations
  • Surveillance in the workplace
  • Medical certificates
  • Paying out annual holidays
  • Violence in the workplace