About Us


AgriPeople Background

In 2013 AgriPeople was founded in Hawera, South Taranaki. The overall purpose of the business is to add value to rural industry through effectively recruiting and building people capabilities including coaching Employers and providing the tools to build lasting employment relationships. AgriPeople is made up of a team of Consultants and Administrators that adapt Human Resource (HR) practices to meet the needs of people within the Rural Sector. We constantly review our services and stay up-to-date with current Employment Legislation through ongoing personal development.

Most recently AgriPeople opened an office in the AgriCentre in Weld Street, Feilding, Mawawatu and hopes to achieve a nationwide brand presence within the next five years to  ensure we are attracting the highest calibre of applicants for our Clients while growing our Candidate database. We pride ourselves on a down-to-earth approach that supports growth through change. Meeting the employment needs of our Clients and Candidates is a primary focus as well as making sure we all enjoy our work. 

We also use advanced legislative databases and resources that allow us to create compliant employment documents such as agreements, policy, review tools and a range of  HR forms and letters.

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